I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.  My mom was my biggest fan and her office was filled with my drawings hanging from almost every vertical surface. Thanks, Mom!

Later I was the publisher, editor and staff of a little newspaper which kept the entire human family up-to-date on the trials and tribulations of my pet mice.  I really loved putting that together - mouse birth announcements, weather reports for Mouse Town, traffic accidents, business news, ads from Mouse Town's little shops and stores.  My favorite part of the newspaper 'biz was probably creating the "photos" for each edition. I worked so hard to make tiny "Mouse Times" look just like a real newspaper. 

There was university and art school and eventually two little girls of my own, who at one time had their own version of "Mouse Times"!   I still love dreaming up cute, odd, and silly characters and stories.  How could anyone not love this job!